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Choose online conversation classes from our list below. Each offer is available as Individual- Individuale or as small Group- Amici Together. Platforms used: Zoom, Skype, Google. A lesson is 1 hour long.

NB: Each Part includes 6 lessons at a special price. For info, dates, times and details write to:

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1. Caffe con Chiara*

Beginners, Low Intermediate

Tongue tied? Never tried Italian before? According to your level, Discover or practice the Italian language while exploring Coffee Culture in Italy. Learn how to order in a bar, find out the history of coffee in Italy, curiosities and fun facts.

Part I – Al BAR

Coffee culture in Italy. Learn and practice how to order in a bar, find out the different types of coffees, food & drinks, discover Italian habits while practicing the grammar. Def & Indef Article/ Sing & Pl, Verbs at Present, Courtesy forms, colloquial expressions


Discover curiosities and fun facts about Gelato in Italy, Learn the vocabulary related to it, practice how to order and express preferences. Grammar: Likes and dislikes, Avere & Essere, Regular and Irregular verbs, Verbs: the Past

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2. Caffe & Giornale**

Intermediate, Low Advanced

If you are able to maintain a simple conversation in Italian, need practice and would like to increase your vocabulary while finding out more about Italian lifestyle, curiosities, from Gelato to places to visit out of the beaten track, this course is for you. Conversation and Reading included


Coffee culture in Italy. Revise how to order in a bar, increase vocabulary about coffees, food & drinks, discover Italian habits while practicing the grammar. Verbs at Present and Past , Courtesy forms , colloquial expressions, express preferences, regular & irregular verbs


Discover the history of Gelato in Italy, Medieval and Renaissance cuisine in Tuscany and how it is linked to French cuisine. Curiosities & fun facts. Revise how to order and express preferences. Read and understand recipes. Grammar: Likes and dislikes, Avere & Essere, Regular and Irregular verbs, Verbs: the Past

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3. Italiano in 500***


Pretend to hoop on board of Chiara’s Cinquecento car to discover Italian habits, while exploring colloquial expressions and “modi di dire”. Explore and master the Italian language to talk about food and cuisine. Speak like a native with these fun and challenging on line lessons. Reading and Speaking. Grammar points will be decided according to interests and needs.

Part I - Parole in Movimento

How the Italian language is changing; Verbs of the Week – Word of the Day - Modi di Dire and Fun Facts.

Part II - Italiano in Cucina

A special group of lessons designed to master the language in the kitchen and around Italian tables. Vocabulary for cooking, shopping for food and wine, every-day expressions together with history, traditions and curiosities.

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4. Individual lessons


If you choose this type of lessons, we can cover any kind of topic you may like as well as grammar. Each lesson will be designed according to your needs and interests. Lessons, 1 hour each, can be purchased as a single experience or in packages.
For details and further info contact us by email.

5. One-a-Week: Italian Self-study


Designed for all of you who need to study at your own pace at your preferred time. This course is ideal for you if you spend too much time at the computer and need a break from the screen.

A self-study personalized program created for learners looking an inspiring italian experience at a gentle pace. Grammar, Culture, Language, Lifestyle and Curiosities.

What do the self-study courses contain?

The self-study courses come with different combinations of written (in PDF form), audio and sometimes video materials and are delivered by email. Each course also includes : one initial Zoom meeting (30 min) to assess the level and decide topics together + one monthly Zoom or Google Meet group meeting 40-50 min (no more than 6 participants) for feedback and questions.

When do self-study courses start?

New courses always start on the 1 st day of each month. Emails with lessons will begin after the 1 st day of each month, following enrollment. However, as each course is highly personalized, the initial Zoom meetings can be organized whenever more convenient, after the first payment .


The entire content will be delivered by weekly e-mails after the first Zoom meeting following enrollment .

  • First 30 min Zoom meeting. The first meeting is important to get to know each other’s and personalize your course according to your needs .
  • Weekly email with Reading activities and Course Work with answers to check your progress (in PDF and Word form): Content is expressly designed for you.
  • Audios or link to videos for pronunciation
  • One Zoom group appointment per month that will be communicated in advance for monthly feedback. (In case you can’t participate, recording will be available.)

Before the monthly Zoom meeting, you will be invited to write your questions in advance by email.